Modern Wild One First Birthday Party Celebration

Happy Birthday Kaisen sign for first birthday
We had a low key party to celebrate Kaisen’s first birthday. At the last minute, we changed the theme from Puppy Dog Pals to WILD ONE. I think everything turned out adorable.  Can’t believe my baby boy is ONE! Where did the time go? The year seem like a HUGE blur. A lack of sleep and trying to keep up with a preschooler played a major part. Thankfully, I love to snap pictures and record everything we do.
Crazy to think we didn’t have a name for him until three days before he was born. One of my favorite cousins was in town and she helped us out.  I was actually due on December 5th but he decided to arrive a week early. It was a fast, intense and an unforgettable experience.
My big boy started walking at 10 months old and never slowed down. He’s always babbling and enjoys playing with his big brother. Kaisen also LOVES to eat! I hope he stays a foodie because I know their appetite changes as they get older.
Since his first birthday was after Thanksgiving, we wanted to keep things simple. Many of our friends were out of town and it was a holiday weekend. Mom guilt almost took over because we had a huge party for his brother. We still had a great time celebrating our baby boy. I ordered his cake, cookies and cupcakes from Publix (the best grocery store cake…not up for debate). We love Smartfood popcorn so we had the white cheddar and sweet & salted kettle corn. After having so much food from Thanksgiving, we kept it simple and ordered pizza from Domino’s (they have a drive-thru!!).
first birthday dessert table with cupcakes, cookies, cakes and balloons
decoration and food on Ikea Kallax shelf for birthday party
decoration and food on Ikea Kallax shelf for birthday party
The decor for his first birthday was pretty simple. I purchased the animals from the Dollar Tree then spray painted them black. The black spray paint was purchased from Michaels for less than $3 (always use a coupon). The mini party hats were made using cardstock and mini pom poms. Kaisen’s balloon bouquets and large number balloon are from a local party store. The happy birthday balloon is from the Bullseye’s Playground at Target. 
baby boy in high chair
baby boy in high chair
baby boy in high chair
party decor for Kaisen's first birthday
So thankful for my family and those who have helped us during Kaisen’s first year. We had a wonderful time celebrating his first birthday. 

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