Easy and Adorable Pirate Craft for Kids

easy pirate craft for kids
Ahoy, Matey!! It’s a pirate life for us all week. We’ve been gearing up for the Children’s Gasparilla Parade that takes place this Saturday, January 18th. Today, I have a fun project that was inspired by Finding Debra’s paper plate pirate craft. I ran out of paper plates so I decided to use only cardstock. We decided to add a beard to our little pirate because my son thought it was cool. Hope you enjoy making this easy and adorable pirate craft with your kids.
easy pirate craft for kids
  • Cardstock (white, beige, blue, red & black)
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • 2 large googly eyes
  • Small red rhinestone or pom pom
  • Red felt
  • Black marker
  • Medium circular object (optional)
  1. Use a medium sized circular object or free-hand draw a circle on the beige cardstock to create the face for the pirate.
  2. From the red cardstock paper, cut out a half circle that fits the circumference of the top of the pirate face. Glue the red piece of paper at the top of the circle to resemble the pirate head scarf.
  3. Next, cut out 2 small strips from the red cardstock paper then cut the ends at an angle. Glue one strip on the outer edge of the right side of the face. Glue the second strip at an angle to the right of the first one. These will form the “ties” for the scarf.
  4. Cut out 5-6 circles from the white cardstock paper. You can find a template online or trace a small circular object like the glue stick to make the circles.
  5. Glue the circles to the red scarf to resemble polka dots.
  6. Cut out 2 eyebrows and 2 mustache pieces from the black cardstock paper. Cut a smile from the red cardstock paper.
  7. Glue the eyebrows right under the scarf. Next, glue the googly eyes underneath the eyebrows.
  8. For the nose, glue the small red rhinestone or pom pom onto the face.
  9. Glue the mustache pieces under the nose.
  10. Glue the smile at the bottom of the face.
  11. Use the black marker to make dots at the bottom of the face to create a beard.
  12. Cut a half circle using the white cardstock paper. Next, glue the pirate face at the top of the half circle to make the shirt.
  13. Cut out half inch strips of paper from the blue cardstock. Make sure they are at least as long as the widest section of the pirate’s face.
  14. Glue the blue strips onto the white half circle to resemble a striped shirt. Cut off any excess paper.
My son decided he would do things his way. I’m sure other parents can relate. They don’t have to follow the directions for this easy and adorable pirate craft in the exact order. Let them have fun and create.
Adorable pirate craft for kids
boy holding a picture of pirate craft

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