Colorful Cardboard Popsicle Craft for Kids

popsicle craft for kids

Nothing screams summer like a delicious popsicle! I grew up eating so many with my siblings. We used to look forward to seeing that yellow truck from Schwan’s food delivery service pull up to my grandmother’s house. They had the best popsicles besides the ice cream truck.

cardboard popsicle craft for kids
School is out and it’s time for some fun! I want to find cool ways to keep both my boys entertained this summer. We’ll be making a lot of crafts, playing outside and doing some cool science experiments. Check out this colorful cardboard popsicle art project for your little ones. You don’t need a lot of supplies and most can be found in your home. If you’re low on supplies, a few craft stores are still offering curbside pick up for customers. Hope your family enjoy making this colorful cardboard popsicle craft for kids. Use as summer decor or dramatic play for your little ones.
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  1. Print the popsicle template then cut it.
  2. Trace the template on the cardboard using a marker or pencil. We used a cardboard from snack boxes. Cut the popsicle then get ready to decorate.
  3. Paint the popsicle cardboard then allow it to dry. You can add washi tape to make different patterns for your popsicle.  Keep the mess to a minimum by having your child paint the popsicle on a paper plate. This made cleaning up a lot easier and no paint on the table.
  4. Decorate popsicle with glitter, pom poms or glitter glue. Allow it to dry.
  5. Finally, glue popsicle to the jumbo craft stick to complete this art project.

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