A Creative Learning Workspace That Will Make Kids Happy

DIY workspace for distance learning at home
The start of the school year is finally here! We made the decision to keep our kindergarten student home after receiving the return-to-school plan from our district over the summer. I’m so heartbroken for my son. I was really looking forward to walking him to school and the excitement of the first day on campus. Thankfully, this is temporary and things will get better. I wanted to create a space at home that would keep him engaged and inspired while completing his class assignments. Check out all of the details for my son’s at-home learning workspace. It’s bright and made him so happy for his first day of school.
workspace for kids at home

It was really important for me to create a functional space as well as something that matches Caleb’s personality. He loves rainbows and superheroes. I picked out colorful items to brighten up the space and added a Spider-man figurine. His new workspace for distance learning is perfect!

a creative learning workspace for kids attending virtual school

When we decided to keep our 5-year old home for school, trying to pick a designated spot was a challenge. We thought it made more sense to set everything up in his room to avoid distractions. I didn’t want his younger brother to interfere with his lessons. Then we realized there wasn’t enough space for our son to move around comfortably with a desk in the room. So, my husband moved his desk to the guest room to create an office to work in peace.

We purchased the LINNMON tabletop for $8.99 and LACK shelf for $19.99 from IKEA. All the affordable desks were sold out everywhere online and in stores at the time we made the purchase from IKEA. More people are working from home or enrolled in virtual school so I wasn’t surprised about the inventory. My husband purchased the brackets for $12 each from the local hardware store to create the desk. So proud of the way everything turned out. It’s a creative learning workspace that would make any kid happy.

Storage is important so I purchased the Kuggis box with lids from IKEA to store school supplies. I created the labels for the boxes with my Cricut machine. The chair was given to us by a friend of mine. Yay to saving money! The wired tier wall basket from Michaels was added to keep his daily assignments as well as his math books. Everything came together nicely to form a creative learning workspace for my kindergarten student.

I know school hasn’t started for a lot of people in this country. If you’re looking for great ideas to document the first day of school, check out this awesome post. Also, visit my Pinterest board for more fun tips for back to school.

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