Colorful Valentine’s Day Sensory Tray with Water Beads

water beads for sensory play
I love creating themed sensory bins for my boys! It’s easy to put together and fun learning activity. This Valentine’s Day sensory tray with water beads was fun to create. It was my first time using water beads. My boys thought it was so cool. Just be careful if you have smaller children. It can be a choking hazard and not safe to consume.
Valentine's Day sensory tray

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How to Set Up Your Valentine’s Day Water Bead Tray



  1. Start by putting the water beads in a baking dish. Use at least 1 teaspoon of water beads then add 3 cups of water. This step will need to be done at least 4 hours before creating the sensory tray.
  2. I decided to use pink, purple and clear water beads but I had to carefully sort them. You can use any colors for this activity.
  3. Once the water beads have expanded, use a colander to drain excess water.
  4. Carefully pour the beads in a tray or bin.
  5. Finally, use the tongs or jumbo tweezers to transfer the water beads to the ice tray or Valentine’s Day mold. Let your child use their imagination and have fun.
This Valentine’s Day sensory tray with water beads can get a little wild because they bounce. I was still finding them days after the boys finished playing with it. My boys enjoyed watching the water beads expand in size. They really enjoyed the texture of the beads and the vibrant colors. Have your child practice counting by adding the water beads to ice tray. They can also sort them by colors.
Valentine's Day sensory tray
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