Easy St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Tray with Water Beads

easy St. Patrick's Day sensory tray with water beads

Sensory play is a fun and cool way for kids to learn! I wanted to create an easy St. Patrick’s Day sensory tray for my boys that included water beads. They had to search for hidden plastic gold coins using their fine motor skills. Also, the beads bounce but the boys had a great time chasing after them.

St. Patrick's Day sensory tray with green water beads and plastic gold coins. Fun activity for kids.

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  1. Firstly, start by putting the water beads in a baking dish. Use at least 1 teaspoon of water beads then add 3 cups of water. This step will need to be done at least 4 hours before creating the sensory tray.
  2. I decided to use green water beads but you can add yellow or clear.
  3. Once the water beads have expanded, use a colander to drain excess water.
  4. Place the plastic gold coins at the bottom of the tray or plastic bin. I added 8 but you can add as many as you like.
  5. After that, carefully pour the beads over the plastic gold coins.
  6. Finally, have your child search for the coins using their hands or utensils.

Water beads are so much fun to play with and great for sensory activities. My boys had a wonderful time searching for the gold coins. This was also a great counting activity for them. If your child is older, they can practice adding or subtracting the coins from the tray. Your little ones will learn scooping and pouring skills with this fun sensory tray. For instance, they can use different cooking utensils to scoop the water beads and pour them into the plastic cauldron.

Make sure to monitor smaller children. The water beads can be a choking hazard and not safe to consume so be careful.

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