30 Fun Indoor Activities That Kids Will Love

indoor activities for kids

Are you looking for fun indoor activities for your kids that will keep them occupied at home? I have a great list for you! Some of the activities include science experiments and imaginative play. Others are created to get the kids moving such as balloon volleyball and dance parties so they can still use up their energy even if they can’t play outside. Whether your kids are stuck inside due to the weather or just want to hang out at home, try one of these fun indoor activities to keep them entertained!

indoor activities for kids

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Indoor Activities at Home

1. Play balloon volleyball

2. Build a fort

3. Play a board game (my family loves playing Trouble)

4. Shapes scavenger hunt

5. Play hide-n-seek

indoor activities for kids like game night

6. Have a dance party

7. Complete a puzzle

8. Make a craft

9. Have a puppet show

10. Cook a meal

indoor activities for kids like making crafts

11. Build with Legos, magnetic tiles or blocks

12. Have a tea party

13. Paint rocks (you can find some at a park or use these)

14. Play a card game

15. Make shadow puppets

indoor activities for kids like a tea party

16. Do a science experiment

17. Bake something

18. Create collages using pictures from magazines

19. Have a fashion show

20. Make paper planes then race them

family baking together

21. Play charades

22. Camp in your living room

23. Sensory play

24. Read books

25. Enjoy karaoke

karaoke at home

26. Finger paint

27. Create an indoor obstacle course

28. Enjoy water play

29. Exercise

30. Make s’mores

exercising with family

If your kids don’t like an activity, don’t stress or get frustrated. Simply try a different activity that will hold their attention. The goal is to keep it simple while having fun. These awesome indoor activities will help you spend quality time with your children and strengthen your bond.

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