5 Cool Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs with the Kids

decorate Easter eggs

I know celebrating Easter will be different for everyone this year due to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). However, you can still have fun at home with your family. Here’s 5 cool ways to decorate Easter eggs with the kids while at home during a pandemic.  I made a few of these eggs last year for a segment with Good Day Tampa Bay on Fox 13 News. We used plastic and wooden eggs for the boys but you can use hard-boiled eggs too. Have fun decorating these cool Easter eggs with the kids.

Please note: Paint is not safe to consume, so if you peel your eggs and notice any color on them, do not eat them.
5 cool ways to decorate Easter eggs with the kids

Splatter Paint Eggs

Supplies: Acrylic paint (Easter colors), small bowls, water, paint brush, hard-boiled or craft eggs, shoe box
Directions: Start by adding a drop of acrylic paint to a small bowl. Add enough water to thin out the paint. Next, place an egg inside of the shoe box. Use a small paint brush to splatter paint on the egg.
decorate Easter eggs

Fizzy Dyed Eggs

Supplies: baking soda, vinegar, powdered tempera paint, tongs, plastic storage containers with lid (4 fl oz) for each paint color, hard-boiled or plastic craft eggs
Directions: Start by pouring baking soda in the storage container so that the bottom is covered. Next, add in a tablespoon of powdered tempera paint. Mix until the paint and baking soda are thoroughly combined. Gently place a hard-boiled or plastic egg into the container with the baking soda and paint. I poured vinegar in a small cup then gave it to my son. This is a great way to involve toddlers and preschoolers for this activity. Slowly pour the vinegar into the container. If you are using a plastic egg, hold the egg down with a plastic spoon or finger so the mixture can coat it. Finally, remove the eggs with some tongs and place them in an egg carton or on a rack to dry.
baking soda and powdered paint for eggs
decorate Easter eggs

Rice Dyed Eggs

Supplies: plastic storage containers with lid (4 fl oz) for each color, long grain rice, food coloring (gel), hard-boiled or craft eggs, disposable gloves or tongs
Directions: Start by measuring 1/4 cup of rice and pour into a plastic storage container. Add 5-6 drops of food coloring to rice. Next, have your child put a lid on the container and shake to mix thoroughly. Remove the lid then add egg to the container. Have your child cover and shake the container. Finally, use gloves or tongs to remove the egg and let dry. Note: If you don’t have any plastic containers, use a resealable bag for this activity.
rice dyed eggs

Sparkly Eggs

Supplies: Plastic or wooden craft eggs, paper plates or small bowls, glitter, sequins, craft glue, paper cup, foam brush, toothpick, egg carton or tray
Directions: First, fill paper plates or bowls with glitter and sequins. Next, pour a small amount of craft glue into a paper cup. Have your child brush the glue onto the eggs. Roll them in the glitter, shaking off the excess. For the sequins, use a toothpick to add them to the eggs. Place the eggs in an egg carton or on a tray to dry.
decorate Easter eggs with kids sparkly Easter eggs

Paint Drip Eggs

Supplies: Unfinished plastic craft eggs, paint in squeeze bottles (purchased mine from IKEA), toothpicks, foam board
Directions: Start by inserting a toothpick in each egg then place it on the foam board. Next, squeeze the paint over the eggs and watch the colors mix together. Finally, let the egg dry on the foam board then use as decoration or math activity with the kids. This was definitely my favorite way to decorate Easter eggs.
DIY Easter Eggs for decorating with kids
decorate Easter eggs with paint drip Easter eggs to make with kids
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