Adorable Back to School Crafts Kids Will Love

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It’s that time of the year again. Back to School season! Can’t believe summer is almost over. Celebrate the start of a new school year with these adorable back to school crafts. I had the opportunity to create them for the viewers of Daytime TV Show. You can watch the segment here that’s on the network’s website. You will have a great time making these crafts with your kids. Check out all the details below!

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DIY Pencil Photo Prop



  1. First, cut out a large triangle from brown cardstock and a small triangle from black cardstock.
  2. Next, cut out a large rectangle from yellow cardstock.
  3. Now cut a small rectangle from pink cardstock and aluminum foil.
  4. To assemble the pencil, glue the brown triangle on the yellow rectangle and the black
  5. triangle on the brown triangle.
  6. Then glue the pink and foil rectangle on the other end of the yellow rectangle to create the eraser.
  7. Finally, add the grade level or back to school terms using stickers to the middle of the yellow rectangle.
back to school crafts for kids

School Bus Picture Frame Craft



  1. First, cut two equal sized large squares from yellow cardstock.
  2. Next, take one square and cut a smaller square from it to make the frame.
  3. Now stick the second square behind the first square. Make sure to glue the second
    square from the bottom and sides only. You need to insert your photo from the top.
  4. Cut a strip of aluminum foil then glue it to the bottom of the square frame.
  5. Next, cut two small circles from a red glitter cardstock and glue above foil to create lights
    for the bus.
  6. Use number stickers to add the school year in between the red glitter circles.
  7. Now cut two small rectangles from black cardstock then glue at the bottom of the frame
    to create the tires.
  8. Finally, insert a photo of your child in the school bus picture frame.
back to school crafts for kids including this school bus picture frame

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