Backyard Bug Hunt Activity that Kids will Love

Backyard bug hunt featured image

It’s spring time and we’re enjoying the wonderful weather. I thought it would be a good idea to take the boys outside for a backyard bug hunt. They had so much fun searching for plastic bugs I hid around the yard. If the weather is not the best, this activity is also fun to play indoors.

We love spending time outside. Thankfully, we live in a state where sunshine and good weather is the norm. If you’re looking for a fun outdoor adventure for kids, they will love this backyard bug hunt. This activity was inspired by the book, Backyard Bugs. My boys loved learning about different creatures they can find outside. Since I’m not a fan of real bugs (don’t judge me), I decided to purchase some toy critters for the scavenger hunt.

backyard bug hunt printable with bug catcher, magnifying glass and toy bugs

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Supplies for Bug Hunt

  • Bug Catcher (I purchased mine from Target but you can also find them here.)
  • Magnifying Glass (I purchased mine from the Dollar Tree but you can also find them here.)
  • Toy Bugs (Mine are from Home Goods and Dollar Tree but you can also find them here.)
  • Tweezers
  • Bug Hunt Printable
backyard bug hunt printable and toy bugs

This was a hit with my boys. They loved running around searching for all the bugs in the backyard. It was quite the adventure! My toddler used his magnifying glass to spot the bugs hiding near the fence. His big brother was nearby with list of all the bugs to find. I made a clipboard for them using a recycled cardboard cut into a square and a clothespin. It made it easier for them to check off each bug that was on the printable.

I loved watching the boys work together to find all the bugs on the list. After they finished, they started looking for real creatures in the yard.

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