Beautiful Cotton Ball Heart Painting for Kids

cotton ball heart painting for Valentine's Day
Want to create a special artwork with your kids that can be used as decor or a gift? You will love this beautiful cotton ball heart painting that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. This easy project only requires a few supplies. You don’t have to use the traditional red and pink when creating this artwork. I love the vibrant colors we selected for this cotton ball heart painting. Make sure your child wears a smock just in case things get messy.
cotton ball heart painting for Valentine's Day

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  1.  Start by downloading and printing the heart template.
  2. Next, cut then use tape to stick the heart in the center of the canvas panel.
  3. Pour each paint color on the paper plate.
  4. Stick one cotton ball on the end of each clothespin. Dip each clothespin/cotton combo into a paint color.
  5. Start adding dots of paint all over the canvas.
  6. Finally, remove the heart from the canvas panel and allow it to dry.
I had the opportunity to share this cotton ball heart painting and two other crafts with viewers of Great Day Live on WTSP Channel 10 Tampa Bay. My oldest was able to join me on this segment. We had a great time showing off our crafts with host, Java Ingram.  Click the links below to view the other crafts we shared with viewers on Great Day Live.
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Didn’t get see the segment this morning? View it on Great Day Live website.
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