Beautiful Rainbow Pasta Craft That Kids Will Love

Cardboard rainbow craft for kids

Kids love rainbows! Why not create this beautiful rainbow pasta craft with your little ones?! This art project was based on the book “Little Raindrop” which my toddler loves. The book introduces kids to water cycle in a fun and simple way. We used pasta from a previous sensory bin for this colorful craft. Check out all the details below!

Beautiful Rainbow Pasta Craft

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  1. Firstly, start making your rainbow pasta. The total process will take up to three hours including dry time. We used pasta from our rainbow pasta sensory bin. I love reusing items to save money!
  2. Next, draw and cut a rainbow shape from a recycled cardboard. Set aside.
  3. Cut two raindrops from white cardstock.
  4. Glue two googly eyes on each raindrop. Color it completely black with paint marker. Add a smile with the black marker and cheeks with the pink marker. See book above for example.
  5. Now apply thin layer of glue to the raindrop then sprinkle blue glitter over it. Allow it to dry.
  6. Glue the colorful pasta in the correct order of the rainbow to the cardboard. You can draw lines to help younger children with this step. Leave enough space at the bottom of the rainbow for the cotton ball clouds.
  7. Grab a few cotton balls and stretch them just enough to make clouds for the rainbow. We used two cotton balls for each side.
  8. Glue the cotton balls at the bottom of the rainbow.
  9. Now, cut about 12 inches of yarn or twine. Tape it to the back of the rainbow at the bottom.
  10. Finally, tape the raindrops to the yarn or twine that’s hanging from the cardboard. This completes your beautiful rainbow pasta craft.

I love how this rainbow pasta craft turned out! Don’t expect your art project to look exactly like this. The main goal is for your kids to have fun and you work together. Have a discussion about the book and colors of the rainbow. This can also be used as a counting activity. Discover different ways your child can learn while creating art. Kids will also have fun touching the different textures of the rainbow. My boys thought it was so cool!

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