Beautiful Tulip Stamp Art to Celebrate Spring with Kids

beautiful tulip stamp art for kids

Loving all the colorful flowers during spring. I’ve been inspired to create some wonderful artwork with my boys. All you need is a recycled cardboard tube to make this beautiful tulip stamp art. I found this craft online and had to create my own version. Creating this art project is a great way to celebrate spring with kids. Grab some washable paint and toilet paper rolls to make these beautiful tulip stamp art. Check out all the details below!

beautiful tulip stamp art for kids

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Supplies for Tulip Stamp Art


  1. Start by gathering all of your supplies. This makes it easier to craft with little ones. Leaving a toddler or preschooler unattended with paint is never a great idea. Ha!
  2. Next, grab your cardboard tube and squeeze the top to form a petal shape. See the picture above as an example.
  3. Add at least three different color paint to the paper plate. Make sure to include green for the leaves.
  4. Now dip the petal shape cardboard tube in the paint then add to the white cardstock. Make sure the tube is facing upward because this will be the middle of the tulip.
  5. Dip the tube in the paint again then stamp the left side of the current print. Go ahead and stamp the right side to form the tulip.
  6. Paint a stem starting at the top of the tulip using green paint. Dip a petal shaped tube in green paint then add leaves to the stem.
  7. Add a little water to the small cup. Dip the paint brush in the water then dab a little paint from the tulip to create watercolor paint.
  8. Paint the inside of the tulip then the inside of the leaves.
  9. Finally, sprinkle green glitter on the stem and leaves. You can also use matching glitter to sprinkle on the tulips.

This was such a fun art project to create with my boys. However, it was a hot mess trying to create these tulips with my toddler. Paint was all over the place. He was trying to stamp the entire paper and the table. It was a funny experience because he was having a great time. I was finally able to assist him with creating a few recognizable tulips. So, I highly recommend this craft for preschoolers or older children.

beautiful tulip stamp art using toilet paper roll. easy spring craft for preschoolers and older children

Want to see a video of this tulip stamp art? Check out my post from Instagram.

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