Beautiful Yarn Ghost Craft That is Perfect for Halloween

yarn ghost craft for Halloween

Looking for a budget-friendly Halloween craft to make with your family? Check out this beautiful yarn ghost craft that is perfect for the spooky season. I was inspired by the colorful ghost pillow created by Country Peony. It was such an incredible project, but I wanted to make something that you could frame. I love that you can choose your favorite color to customize your ghost.

yarn ghost craft for Halloween

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Supplies for Yarn Ghost Craft

  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Pearl Stickers (purchased mine at Michaels)
  • Recycled cardboard
  • Glue


  1. First, cut the recycled cardboard into a large square. I used black cardboard, but you can use a regular box then paint it any color.
  2. Next, choose a yarn color for your ghost. Then cut at least 10 pieces of yarn. Each piece of yarn needs to be longer than the last.
  3. Apply glue directly to the back of the shortest piece of yarn. Your child may need help with this part. Find the center of the piece of yarn and pull both sides down. Attach the yarn directly to the center of the cardboard.
  4. Now, apply glue around the first piece of yarn on the cardboard. Attach the second piece of yarn to the glue. Continue until you use all the pieces of yarn. See pictures below.
  5. Finally, add the eyes to the ghost. I found the pearl stickers at Michaels, but you can use one that has a flat back then glue it to the ghost. You can also use black felt or cardstock.

Watch the video below to see how I made this yarn ghost craft. Also, subscribe to my YouTube channel for more fun content!

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