Coffee Filter Earth Day Craft for Kids

coffee filter craft for Earth day
Earth Day is the perfect time to have a discussion with your children about our beautiful planet and what makes it so awesome. Celebrate as a family by making fun crafts. This coffee filter Earth Day art inspired by The Simple Parent is an easy project for all kids.
coffee filter Earth Day craft for kids


  • Coffee filters
  • Washable markers (blue & green)
  • Spray bottle filled with water
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Skin tone cardstock or construction paper
  • Glue
  • Red construction paper or red heart shaped sticker
  • Baking sheet or tray (optional)
supplies for coffee filter Earth Day craft for kids


  1. Flatten a round coffee filter then color with blue and green washable markers.
  2. Mist the colored coffee filter with water from the spray bottle. Watch as the colors blend together to form the Earth. Set aside to dry.
  3. While the coffee filter Earth is drying, trace your child’s hands onto the piece of paper.  Let your child practice their scissor skills by cutting the handprint from the paper.
  4. Glue the end of palm of the cut out hands together with thumbs facing out.
  5. Glue the coffee filter Earth on top of the hands.
  6. Fold up the fingers to look like they are holding the Earth.
  7. Use a red heart shaped sticker or cut a small heart from the red paper and glue to the center of the Earth. This art project is complete.
African American child using green marker to color coffee filter for Earth Day craft
Important Tip: Place the coffee filter on a baking sheet pan when it’s time to spray it with water. This will prevent your table from having a huge mess when the markers leak through the coffee filter. 
colorful craft for kids
Earth day activity for kids
Don’t forget to visit my other blog posts and Pinterest board for more ideas to celebrate Earth Day! Make sure you are using recycled materials to create these fun crafts in honor of Earth Day.

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