Colorful Butterfly Symmetry Art Activity for Kids

butterfly symmetry art

I wanted to create a cool craft to celebrate the release of our butterflies with the boys. Today’s fun project is a colorful butterfly symmetry art activity for kids. This is a simple project to do with young children. It gets a little messy so make sure you have a plastic tablecloth or newspaper for this fun activity.

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  1. First, print and cut the butterfly template. If you have a Cricut like myself, you can use your cutting machine to make the butterfly.
  2. Next, fold the butterfly in half then open.
  3. Decorate one side of the butterfly with paint. Only use a little bit of paint for each color.
  4. Fold and squish together! Gently rub one side of the paper to spread the paint.
  5. Finally, carefully open to reveal a beautiful butterfly. Kids can add glitter to give it a little sparkle.

We enjoyed watching our butterflies in the pop-up habitat. Caleb was given the task of releasing them today in the backyard. They were a bit stubborn so my husband stepped in to help. We’ll miss having them but it was time to say goodbye. It was an incredible experience watching the caterpillars transform into a butterfly. We still have two that are in the chrysalis stage. We’re hoping they transform into butterflies soon. Love the final results of our colorful butterfly symmetry art that was inspired by our butterflies. Hope you have fun creating this spring art project with the kids!

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