DIY Pirate’s Treasure Chest Using a Shoe Box

DIY pirate's treasure chest

We’re celebrating Gasparilla season with some fun crafts at home like this DIY pirate’s treasure chest. The Gasparilla Pirate Festival is a large community event that is held every year in Tampa, Florida. There’s a children’s parade and one for adults. It’s cool to see everyone dressed and having fun as a family. I wanted to create a cool and easy DIY pirate’s treasure chest for dramatic play with my boys to celebrate Gasparilla season. This will work for any pirate themed event or Halloween. This project was inspired by the treasure chest from Free Kid’s Crafts. I used materials that I already had at home and added some beads we received from previous Gasparilla events. Here’s everything you need for this easy DIY pirate’s treasure chest using a shoe box.

DIY pirate's treasure chest

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Supplies for DIY Pirate’s Treasure Chest


  1. Start by finding an old shoe box around the house. Make sure it has a flap not just a top.
  2. Next, paint and cover all surfaces of your shoe box using a foam brush and black acrylic paint. Allow it to dry.
  3. Cut strips of the gold ribbon and glue it to the shoe box. See picture below as an example.
  4. Add dots of gold paint next to the ribbon to give it a treasure chest appearance.
  5. Finally, download and print the skull and crossbones printable. Cut then glue it to the top of the shoe box to complete your DIY pirate’s treasure chest.

Now that this project is complete, add some beaded necklaces, jewels, skeletons and coins to complete this fun project to celebrate Gasparilla, Halloween or a birthday party.  Dress up as pirates and have a good time.

DIY pirate's treasure chest

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