Easy and Totally Awesome Grinch Sensory Bin for Kids

Grinch sensory bin for Christmas

We have been celebrating Grinchmas all week at home. I wanted to create a fun activity that would keep my boys entertained. They had a wonderful time playing with all the items. Your child will love this bright and festive Grinch sensory bin. It’s filled with bright colors and a variety of textures and tools. Sensory bins are a great way for young children to use their imagination and work on their fine motor skills. It was easy to put together and I already had most of the items at home. Are you ready to set up this awesome Grinch sensory bin for your little ones?

Grinch sensory bin for toddlers, preschoolers and older children. Fun Christmas hands-on learning activity.

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Setting Up Your Grinch Sensory Bin

First, you will need to dye at least four cups of rice green. It’s easy to do and only requires two other ingredients. Visit my blog post for directions to dye your rice for this sensory bin. You will need green food coloring or food gel. The more dye you use the darker the color will turn out. Once the rice is dry, dump into your plastic bin and add your Christmas items. Make sure to supervise small children because some items are choking hazards. You can also use Christmas items that are larger to make this sensory activity safer for toddlers and preschoolers.

Children can feel and find different items in this fun sensory bin. Things will get a little messy but they will have a great time. You can place an old blanket or plastic tablecloth under the table or bin. My 5-year old and 2-year old loved scooping the rice and hiding items like the heart shaped jewels and wooden alphabet tiles. Your child can also practice counting all the mini ornaments and bows. My 5-year old practiced spelling different words with the wooden alphabet tiles. Kids can also use the jumbo tweezers to pick up small Christmas items in this Grinch sensory bin.

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