Easy Craft Stick Flag for Kids to Celebrate Juneteenth

Juneteenth craft stick flag

Juneteenth is almost here! Are you having trouble finding decorations or crafts for the kids? You’re not alone. Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, is not as popular or widely celebrated as the 4th of July. Fortunately, I decided to recreate one of the popular art projects found on Pinterest to celebrate Juneteenth. Hope you enjoy making this easy craft stick flag to celebrate Juneteenth with your kids.

Juneteenth craft stick flag for kids

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Supplies for Craft Stick Flag

Juneteenth craft stick flag


  1. Start by gathering all your supplies for this craft stick flag for kids.
  2. Next, grab a plastic tray or recycled newspaper so the kids will not make a mess on your table. Then have them paint two craft sticks red, green and black. Allow the paint to dry.
  3. Finally, glue the painted craft sticks to the jumbo craft stick. Make sure to start with the craft sticks followed by the black and green.
  4. This craft stick flag is now ready for a Juneteenth celebration at home or local event.

I wanted to create a simple craft for Juneteenth that children can use to decorate their home. There are two different flags that many people use to celebrate this holiday. I decided to create the Pan-African flag since it’s mostly used by the Black community.

It’s summer and I know a lot of children will be eating popsicles. Save those sticks to create this simple flag to celebrate Juneteenth. Kids can work on color recognition as well as counting. I can’t guarantee this art project will be mess-free but it will be a lot of fun to make at home.

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