Easy Craft Stick Pirate Puppet Kids Will Love

craft stick pirate puppet

Ahoy mateys! I have the perfect activity for your little buccaneer! Your kids will have a great time making this adorable craft stick pirate puppet. They can use their imagination to put on a fun puppet show. This is also a great art project for a pirate themed party or Gasparilla.

craft stick pirate puppet for kids

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Supplies for Craft Stick Pirate Puppet

Directions for Pirate Puppet

Pirate Face

  1. First, print and cut out the circle template or find a round object from your home.
  2. Next, choose the neutral-colored paper you would like to use for your craft stick pirate puppet.
  3. Trace the circle template or round object on the neutral-colored paper then cut it out to create the head for your pirate.
  4. Make the head scarf for your pirate puppet by choosing a colorful cardstock then trace the circle template or round object on it. Cut it out.
  5. Fold the circle in half and cut. After that, glue one half of the circle at the top of the pirate’s head to create the pirate head scarf.
  6. Cut out 2 small strips from the scraps of the cardstock used for the scarf then cut the ends at an angle. Glue one strip on the outer edge of the right side of the scarf. Glue the second strip at an angle to the right of the first one. These will form the “ties” for the scarf.
  7. Print and cut out the pirate template. Choose a skull then glue it to the head scarf.
  8. Finally, assemble the pirate’s face by adding an eye and eye patch. Then use a black marker to draw a nose, mouth and beard.

Pirate Body

  1. The top half of the craft stick will be the shirt and the bottom half will be the pants. Leave space at the top to glue on the pirate’s head.
  2. Use paint to decorate the pirate’s body. I decided to make striped shirts, but your child can get as creative as they want. Set the decorated craft stick aside to dry.
  3. Glue the pirate’s head onto the decorated craft stick body.

I love how these adorable pirate puppets turned out. Kids can get really creative with this activity. They can also use them for dramatic play at home or at school.

I had the opportunity to share these adorable craft stick pirate puppets with the viewers of Great Day Live Tampa Bay. Check out the segment here!

craft stick pirate puppet

Watch the video below to see how we made these adorable pirate puppets. Also, follow me on TikTok for more fun content!

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