Easy DIY Apple Pie Dramatic Play Set for Kids

easy DIY apple pie dramatic play set for kids

It’s September!! Social media is going crazy with all things fall right now. People are excited to have their pumpkin spice latte again and enjoy seasonal treats. Stores have already stocked their shelves with fall decor and craft items. I was inspired to bring out this easy DIY apple pie dramatic play set I made for Caleb a few years ago. Now that Kaisen is getting older, he loves to stay busy. This felt apple pie set kept him entertained for a long time.

easy DIY apple pie dramatic play set

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Looking for a fun hands on learning activity for the kids? This apple pie pretend play set will keep them entertained and help them with fine motor skills. I encouraged my toddler to separate the pom poms by colors using the tongs and count them. He also enjoyed handing me his finished pies to taste. You only need a few supplies for this easy DIY apple pie for the kids. Just pick up some mini pie pans, pom poms and felt from your local craft store or order online.

Black toddler playing with homemade apple pie toy set


  • Felt sheet (tan)
  • Scissors
  • Mini aluminum foil pie pans
  • Pom poms (red, green or yellow)
  • White pom poms (optional for the whipped cream or ice cream)
  • Permanent marker (brown)
  • OPTIONAL ITEMS: mini rolling pin, plastic knife, measuring cups or spoons, empty ground cinnamon spice jar, tongs


  1. Use one of the mini pie pans to trace circles on the tan felt sheet. Make sure you make two circles for each pie pan.
  2. Next, cut the circles out using the scissors.
  3. Finally, add 6 lines on the top layer circle to represent slits of an actual pie.
  4. Now your child is ready to make their own apple pie. They can place one felt circle in the mini pie pan then add the pom poms. After that, place the felt circle with the lines to complete the pie. If your child loves apple pie à la mode, add a large white pom pom on the top. The white pom pom can also represent whipped cream.

Let your child get creative with this activity. There’s so much they can do with these DIY apple pies for dramatic play. Grab a chair or box to use as a pretend oven. Use the gloves from the kitchen to grab the pies out of their oven. Find an apron to give to your little one so they can look like a professional baker.

Need more play based learning ideas for the fall? Check out my Pinterest board for fall crafts and activities for inspiration. I’ll add more art projects over the next week. Here’s another dramatic play idea for kids using a DIY microscope made from recycled materials.

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