Easy DIY Crafts for a Football Celebration

DIY crafts for football celebration

The “BIG GAME” is only a few days away and we’re so excited! I created these easy DIY crafts for our football celebration. You can make them with your kids before the game starts. I had the opportunity to share these crafts with viewers of the Daytime TV Show on WFLA Channel 8. It was such a pleasure working on these football celebration projects with host, Leslie Nifoussi.

DIY crafts for football celebration on Daytime TV

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Supplies for DIY Football Pennant

Direction for DIY Football Pennant

  1. Start by downloading the free pennant printable on cardstock. Choose your team colors.
  2. Next, cut out the pennant then glue it to the wooden dowel.
  3. Finally, decorate your pennant with the stickers or use makers. Here’s some chants to add to your pennant: GO TEAM, DEFENSE, TOUCHDOWN or LET’S GO

Supplies for DIY Noise Maker

  • recycled plastic bottle
  • dry pasta, dry beans, rice or jingle bells
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brush
  • alphabet stickers and sport stickers

Direction for DIY Noise Maker

  1. Start by painting your recycled plastic bottle in your team colors. Set aside to dry.
  2. Once your bottle is completely dry, start decorating. You can add fun chants to your bottle or decorate it with sport stickers. Let your kids get creative.
  3. Finally, complete your noise maker by adding dry pasta, dry beans, rice or jingle bells. Use what you have available at home. You’re all set for your football celebration!

Didn’t get see the segment this morning? Check out the link below!


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