Easy DIY Grandpa Costume for 100th Day of School

100th day of school

My kindergartner had a 100 days of school celebration recently. I’ve seen different ways to celebrate including decorating shirts or making posters. However, my son’s teacher sent us an email with specific instructions regarding the school’s celebration. I think this was such a fun theme and couldn’t wait to create something silly. Here’s all the details on how to put together an easy DIY grandpa costume for the 100th day of school celebration.

easy DIY grandpa costume

How adorable is my little old man?! All the pictures from his photo shoot made me laugh. His silly personality really shined! My kindergartner had a lot of fun taking pictures and getting into character.

easy DIY grandpa costume for 100 days of school

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I’m so happy my kindergartner was able to participate in this school celebration even though he’s enrolled in e-learning. It was so much fun creating this easy DIY grandpa costume. I started the process by adding baby powder to my son’s hair. The store did not have a face painting kit so I purchased a jumbo eye pencil. His outfit was a simple uniform top with khakis and suspenders. You can use what you have at home or buy them from the store.

Supplies for Costume

  • NYX jumbo eye pencil (cottage cheese) for the mustache and eyebrows
  • Baby powder for the hair
  • Children’s sunglasses or non-prescription glasses (I popped out the lenses for the sunglasses
  • Suspenders
  • Dress socks
  • Khakis
  • School uniform top
  • Slip on shoes
  • Cane (optional)

Looking for another fun costume? Check out this DIY firefighter costume I made a few years ago for Halloween.

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