Easy Easter Egg Paper Collage Art Activity for Kids

collage Easter egg craft

I can’t be the only parent with scraps of paper and old magazines around the house. We have been collecting magazines for so long. It’s time to dust them off and get crafting with the kids. Use any recycled paper like newspaper to create this fun project for your children. Here’s an easy Easter egg collage art activity for kids. This craft is all about letting your child enjoy the process of creating something special while improving their fine motor skills. Follow the directions below to create your very own Easter egg paper collage art. These are just basic instructions. Let your child design their own egg.

  • Thin cardboard (cereal box)
  • Glue
  • Safety Scissors
  • Tissue Paper
  • Scrap paper (cardstock or construction paper)
  • Old magazines
supplies to make Easter egg paper collage art activity for kids using Elmer's school glue
  1. Start by drawing an egg shape on a thin cardboard like one from a cereal box.
  2. Next, cut the egg shape from the thin cardboard. I used a cereal box but you can use whatever is available in your home.
  3. Gather your scraps of paper, old magazines and tissue paper to decorate the Easter egg.
  4. Finally, use the scissors to cut different shapes from the paper then glue to egg.
child using safety scissors to cut magazine
African-American boy using child-safe scissors to practice cutting
My son is always so focused when hes’s working on an art project or any other activity. This was a great way for him to practice using safety scissors since he is no longer in school. Have your child tear the paper if they are not ready to use the scissors.
Easy Easter Egg Paper Collage Art Activity for Kids
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