Easy Fall Art Project with Acorns for Kids

acorn art for kids
We had the tree in our front yard trimmed last week which left a lot of acorns on the ground. I decided this would be the perfect time to collect them for an easy fall art project. My toddler had so much fun running around the yard and searching for acorns. Fall is almost here and we are having a great time creating cool crafts. This art project is super easy and fun for kids. It will get them moving while creating beautiful work of art. Step outside with this activity or stay indoors for this easy fall art project.
easy fall art project with acorns for kids


  • acorns
  • washable paint or acrylic paint
  • white cardstock
  • bin or tray
  • painter’s tape


  1. Gather all the supplies for this easy fall art project.
  2. Next, attach the white cardstock at the bottom of the bin using painter’s tape. This will keep the paper in place while your child is shaking the bin full of acorns.
  3. Add drops of washable or acrylic paint on the paper inside of the bin.
  4. Finally, add the acorns and shake the bin. Enjoy!
acorns and acrylic paint inside of a plastic bin for art project

I decided to take the fun outdoors because the weather was so nice. My toddler enjoyed shaking the bin full of acorns. He alternated between standing and sitting down for this activity. Adult supervision is required for this easy fall art project especially for smaller children. My toddler likes to put things in his mouth so I had to watch him carefully.

There’s so much you can do with this activity. We talked about the paint colors on the cardstock and counted all the acorns. If your child gets tired of shaking the bin, let them use their hands to roll the acorn around in the paint. Just make sure to have some wipes or a towel nearby to clean up the mess. Hang the finished acorn painting to dry once your child is finished having fun with this activity.

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