Easy Toilet Paper Roll Juneteenth Craft for Kids

Juneteenth toilet paper roll craft

Have a lot of empty toilet paper rolls at home? Don’t throw them away! There’s so many art projects you can make with those cardboard tubes. Freedom Day is almost here and I decided to make this easy toilet paper roll Juneteenth craft. These are the colors of the Pan-African flag which is used to celebrate Juneteenth along with the regular red, white and blue flag. Make sure to cover your table because this art project will get a little messy.

Juneteenth craft made out of recycled toilet paper roll

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Supplies for Juneteenth Craft


  1. Start by gathering three empty toilet paper rolls.
  2. Next, paint each one red, black and green. Allow it to dry.
  3. Now use the glue gun or tacky glue to attach the tubes together. Start with red, then black and green.
  4. Download, print and cut the Juneteenth printable.
  5. Select one then glue it to the middle of the black cardboard tube.
  6. Finally, cut then glue or tape the ends of the ribbon into the hole of each toilet paper roll.

This adorable Juneteenth craft was easy to make and a lot of fun. If the weather is nice, set up this activity for kids outdoors. They spend so much time inside, give them a change of environment. Want to add a little sparkle to this Juneteenth craft? Grab some glitter and let the kids sprinkle some on each tube.

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