How to Make a Beautiful Mkeka Kwanzaa Mat Craft

Mkeka Kwanzaa Mat Craft for kids

Kwanzaa is almost here! There are so many fun ways to celebrate as a family. Kids can make their own mkeka Kwanzaa mat craft for the holiday. The mat represents the idea that nothing can be built without having a foundation. This craft is easy to make and only requires a few items that you may already have. Let’s get started!

Mkeka Kwanzaa Mat Craft for kids

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Supplies for Mkeka Kwanzaa Mat

  • Cardstock or construction paper (red, black & green)
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Directions for Mkeka Kwanzaa Mat Craft

  1. First, fold a black cardstock or construction paper in half then make six cuts almost to the end of the paper. Make sure you cut where the paper is folded. The cuts along the length of the paper needs to be as evenly spaced as possible.
  2. Next, cut strips of red and green cardstock or construction paper.
  3. Finally, weave the red paper strip over and under through the black paper. Then weave the green paper strip under and over through the black paper. Continue to alternate until your mat is completed. You can glue the ends of the weave so that they remain in place.

Watch the video below to see how to make this mkeka Kwanza mat craft. Make sure to follow me on YouTube for more fun content!

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