How to Make a Simple Mosaic Juneteenth Flag

magazine mosaic Juneteenth flag

Juneteenth will be here soon! I wanted to create an easy craft for kids that is similar to a flag I made for Memorial Day. This simple mosaic Juneteenth flag is a great way to start the conversation about Freedom Day with your children. Little ones will also get a chance to work on their scissor skills and recognizing colors. Have fun creating this art project as a family!

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Supplies for Mosaic Juneteenth Flag


  1. First, cut the recycled cardboard into a rectangle to represent the flag.
  2. Next, paint the cardboard black then allow it to dry.
  3. Cut red, black and green areas from an old magazine into small squares. This is a great opportunity for small children to practice their scissor skills. If your little one is not ready for this stage, allow them to tear the magazine papers.
  4. Apply glue to the top of the cardboard and press red squares onto it. Complete three rows of red squares.
  5. Now glue three rows of black squares underneath the red squares.
  6. It’s time to glue three rows of green squares underneath the black squares.
  7. Finally, glue or tape a ribbon to the back of the magazine mosaic Juneteenth flag.

This easy Juneteenth flag craft will make the perfect decoration for your home. There’re no need to make the rows look perfect. Kids can also use different size squares in each row for this project. Make sure to have a discussion about Freedom Day with your children while creating this mosaic flag. Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram if you make this with your loved ones.

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