How to Make a Ski Lodge Winter Sensory Bin

ski lodge winter sensory bin

Learn how to make a ski lodge winter sensory bin for your little ones using fake snow. This is a fun holiday sensory activity that kids will love! Most of the supplies can be found in your home. I’ll all about saving money especially close to the holidays.

ski lodge winter sensory bin for kids

Thanksgiving is over and we have officially moved on to holiday themed activities. We don’t get snow in Florida so I decided to bring it our home. Your kids will be able to enjoy playing with snow without having to bundle up. This winter sensory bin will keep your little ones engaged and encourage them to use their imagination. Adult supervision is advised for this activity.

ski lodge winter sensory bin for kids

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How to Set up Your Ski Lodge Winter Sensory Bin

Create Your Skiers

Supplies: craft sticks, toothpicks, googly eyes, black marker, 1″ smooth foam balls, sequins, mini pom poms, acrylic paint, paint brush, pipe cleaners, hot glue with glue sticks &clothespins


  1. Take the clothespin apart then paint it. Set aside and allow it to dry.
  2. Next, paint the craft sticks and toothpicks bright colors then set aside to dry.
  3. Paint half of the foam ball the create a hat for the skier. Use a toothpick to make painting it a little easier. I used a recycled egg carton to place the foam balls on it to dry.
  4. Take the two clothespin parts and glue the top halves together as shown in the photo above.
  5. Glue the foam ball on the clothespin and glue the clothespin on the crafts sticks. See photo above for help.
  6. Next, glue the mini pom pom on top of the foam ball to complete the winter hat.
  7. Choose two different colors of pipe cleaners. Wrap one whole thread around the body to create the jacket and arms. Then cut the other pipe cleaner in half. On will become the scarf. Cut the other half in half again and wrap around the skier’s ankles.
  8. Finally, bend the ends of the arms around the toothpicks. Add a sequin on the end of each toothpick to complete the skis. Then give the skier a face with a black marker and googly eyes.

Create Your Mountain

Supplies: pencil, marker, recycled cardboard, scissors, glue, acrylic paint, paint brush, hot glue & glue sticks


  1. Start by drawing out a pattern for your mountain the cardboard. You can create an entrance to fit your skiers or animals. Cut out your pattern.
  2. Next, cut out three rectangles to connect your mountain.
  3. Hot glue your rectangular pieces to one side of the mountain. Then, hot glue the other side of the mountain on too.
  4. Finally, paint your mountain. Use the picture below as an example.
DIY cardboard mountain

Making Fake Snow

I used the recipe from The Purposeful Nest to create fake snow for this sensory bin. You only need baking soda and white hair conditioner for this simple recipe. Visit her blog for the easy directions.

Setting Up Your Sensory Bin

Put all the fake snow inside of a plastic bin, tray or sensory table. Add the cardboard mountain and clothespin skiers to the sensory bin. You can also include wooden scoops, tongs, pine cones or animals like moose and bears. Protect your floor from spills by adding a plastic tablecloth or old towels. My boys made a mess but I was able to sweep it up with no issues. This is a fun winter activity that your children will love!

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    1. Thank you so much! Your recipe was perfect! I put the baking soda in the fridge so it made the snow cold for my boys. They loved it! 🙂