How to Make a Super Simple Fall Sensory Tray

fall sensory tray for kids

It’s not quite fall but we are still celebrating this beautiful season. I wanted to introduce my toddler to a few things that are popular with autumn. This super simple fall sensory tray is the perfect way to discuss the seasonal changes that will be happening soon. It’s also a great way to work on counting, recognizing colors, playing with textures and using fine motor skills.

fall sensory tray for toddlers and preschoolers

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Kids will enjoy playing with this simple fall sensory tray throughout the entire season. They can use their imagination to make a pumpkin smoothie or divide all the items into groups. My toddler enjoyed tossing the leaves as if he was outside playing in the yard. He also pretended to eat some of the apples and feed the acorns to squirrels.

super simple fall sensory tray for kids


supplies for fall activity for kids including apples, pumpkins and fake leaves

Gather all your supplies to make this super simple fall sensory tray. Many of the items were purchased at Dollar Tree, Target (Bullseye’s Playground) and Michaels. You can also find them at your local craft stores or online. Pour the bags of artificial maple leaves in the metal tray then add the other items. I wanted to keep things simple with this sensory tray. However, you can add pumpkin seeds, colored rice, oats or popcorn kernels.

fall sensory tray for toddlers and preschoolers

Young kids will enjoy exploring this sensory tray full of fall items. Make sure to supervise kids who are still putting things in their mouths. Some items may be a choking hazard. Encourage your kids to exam all the contents in the sensory tray. Ask them questions about the textures of the pine cones and pumpkins. Challenge them to hold as many leaves as they can carry in both hands. There’s so many things you can do with this fall sensory tray.

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