How to Make a Super Simple Halloween Sensory Bin

super simple Halloween sensory bin for kids

I typically create a lot of seasonal crafts for my boys. However, they really enjoy sensory play. They use their imagination to come up with different ways to play with the items in the bin. I love this activity because it’s easy to put together and affordable. It can get a little messy but that’s the joy of sensory play. Here’s how to make a super simple Halloween sensory bin for your kids. It’s not too late to pick up or order these items for the kids. They can enjoy this super simple Halloween sensory bin long after the holiday is over.

super simple Halloween sensory bin for kids

Sensory bins are great for small children but they should always be closely supervised. Some of the items may be a choking hazard. You can substitute with larger Halloween party favors.

super simple Halloween sensory bin for kids

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  1. First, chose a food coloring to dye your rice. Once it’s dry, get ready to put together your sensory bin. I used 4 cups of long grain rice for this Halloween sensory bin. Don’t forget to check out this post to learn how to dye rice.
  2. Next, pour the colored rice in the sensory bin.
  3. Add all the Halloween party favors and mini black cauldrons to the tray. I found most of these items at the Dollar Tree and Target Bullseye’s Playground. However, I added links to find the party favors and other Halloween items online. You can add measuring spoons, scoops and cups if you have some available.
  4. Finally, place the skeleton tongs inside of the Halloween sensory bin. Enjoy!

Your child will have so much fun playing with this super simple Halloween sensory bin. Use the skeleton tongs to pick up the plastic vampire fangs, snakes or spiders. Count how many acrylic ghosts are hiding in the rice. My 5-year old enjoy making up fun little games for the sensory bin. I gave him 1 minute to collect all the orange items using the skeleton hangs. He had to place them in the empty bin. My 5-year old then challenged me to collect all the purple items using only the plastic fingers.

super simple Halloween sensory tray for kids

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