How to Make an Adorable Turkey Name Place Card

turkey name place card craft

Looking for a fun and easy Thanksgiving activity that you will enjoy making with your kids? This adorable turkey name place card is a fun craft that also helps kids learn to spell their names. There’s a FREE turkey template available! Get as creative as you want by choosing vibrant colors for the feathers or using cool alphabet stickers to make your name.

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Supplies for Turkey Name Place Card


  1. First, you will need to download the free turkey template then print and cut it out. Trace the cut outs on the colors you would like to use for your place card.
  2. Next, glue the wiggle eyes, beak and snood on the turkey’s face.
  3. Have your child count how many feathers they need for their name. Arrange the feathers in a fan, then glue the turkey’s body to the feathers. If your child is not a fan of glue, they can also attach the feathers to the turkey’s body using tape.
  4. Finally, use either stickers or a marker to add the child’s name to the feathers. Each feather should have one letter. Now it’s time to add their turkey name place card onto their plate or placemat.

I had the opportunity to share this adorable craft with the viewers of Great Day Live Tampa Bay. The segment was broadcast LIVE at the studio. I had the pleasure of working with hosts, Java and Janelle. Visit to view the segment.

turkey name place card craft for kids to celebrate Thanksgiving

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