How to Make Awesome Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cone

puffy paint ice cream cone

Summer is almost here! I thought it would be fun to create this puffy paint ice cream cone with my kids. Your child can create their own flavors for their frozen treat craft. Also, this art project only requires a few supplies that may already be in your home. It’s a great summer activity for toddlers, preschoolers, elementary kids, teens and adults.

puffy paint ice cream cone

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Supplies for Puffy Paint Ice Cream Cone


  1. Firstly, cut your ice cream cone and scoop from recycled cardboard. You can free draw or use shapes around your home to make your ice cream.
  2. Secondly, mix equal parts of liquid white glue and foam shaving cream together. Add any color food coloring then mix.
  3. Using a ruler and brown marker, draw lines on your ice cream cone. Then use hot glue to attach the scoop and cone together. Make sure an adult is using the hot glue gun or older children are supervised for this step.
  4. It’s time to paint! Dip your paintbrush in the DIY puffy paint then cover the entire scoop of ice cream. Smaller children may get a little messy but that’s fine. Keep a wet towel nearby to clean up the little ones.
  5. Finally, it’s time to add the toppings! We used real sprinkles and a pom pom for the cherry. Get creative with your ice cream. Once finished, set aside to dry. This will take a few hours. Then they can show off their puffy paint ice cream cones!

This was such a fun art project to set up for my kids. My oldest plays with shaving cream at school so he was excited about this activity. If your child tends to make a lot of mess during craft time, place a tray on the table before they start painting.

puffy paint ice cream cone

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