How to Make Beautiful Craft Stick Snowflakes

craft stick snowflakes

Create these beautiful craft stick snowflakes to celebrate winter. It’s the perfect indoor activity especially if you’re dealing with cold weather. You only need a few supplies for this art project. Continue reading below to get all the details.

craft stick snowflakes

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Supplies for Craft Stick Snowflakes

craft supplies for winter art project for kids


  1. THIS STEP IS FOR ADULTS ONLY. First, hot glue your mini craft sticks together to make a snowflake. We used four sticks but you can always use more for this project. Put a tiny dab of hot glue on the middle of one craft stick and gently press another stick on top to create a cross. Continue this until you’ve attached all four (or more) craft sticks. See picture below for step by step example.
  2. Next, paint your craft sticks. We used different shades of blue for our craft stick snowflakes. However, you can use any color that’s perfect for winter. Set aside your snowflakes and allow them to dry.
  3. Finally, decorate the craft stick snowflakes with sequins or glitter. My son didn’t want to decorate his snowflakes so that’s fine too.

We had a great time making our craft stick snowflakes. My 3 year old decided to leave his plain but I wanted to add some sequins and glitter. If you have glitter glue, that is perfect for the little ones and not as messy. Keep some wet wipes or a paper towel nearby in case paint get everywhere. My son was not happy about having paint on his hands.

Let your kids get creative while making their snowflakes. They can create patterns with the sequins or make cool designs with the glue and glitter. Have fun with this winter art project.

Watch the video below to see how to make a craft stick snowflakes winter craft for kids. Make sure to follow me on YouTube for more fun content!

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