How to Make Craft Stick Valentine Picture Frame

craft stick Valentine picture frame
Looking for an adorable way to display Valentine’s Day pictures? I got you covered! I wanted to create something simple that can be placed on your fridge or given as a gift to a family member. Check out how to make craft stick Valentine picture frame.

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  1. Start by gathering all of your materials. This makes it easier for young children.
  2. Next, line up the jumbo craft sticks in pairs then place them together in a square.
  3. Use the shape of the frame to determine how to trim your photo to fit. Remove the photo and glue the craft stick together in the shape of a frame.
  4. Add the foam Valentine’s Day stickers to your craft stick picture frame. Let your kids have fun decorating!
  5. Finally, tape the picture to the back of the frame. This makes it easier to replace each year.
This craft stick Valentine picture frame is the perfect gift for a loved one. You can also display it on your fridge by adding a magnet. Kids will have a great time making this art project for Valentine’s Day. Make sure to supervise smaller children because the foam stickers can be a choking hazard.
craft stick Valentine picture frame
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