Paper Plate Ice Cream Cone Craft Kids Will Love

paper plate ice cream craft for kids

This paper plate ice cream cone was inspired by Augustus Jackson also known as Father Ice Cream. Jackson developed an eggless recipe for ice cream and added salt to the ice. The salt made his flavors taste better and lowered the temperature of the ice cream allowing it to be kept cold for a longer time ( We enjoyed creating this art project for Black History Month. However, this is also a fun craft for any time of the year.

paper plate ice cream craft

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Supplies for Paper Plate Ice Cream Cone


  1. First, draw an ice cream scoop onto your paper plates with a rounded top and scalloped bottom. You can also download the FREE ice cream scoop template then trace it on the paper plates. Cut out the scoops using scissors. If you have smaller children, assist with cutting or give them safety scissors.
  2. Next, paint each scoop a different color to represent ice cream flavors. Set aside to dry.
  3. Cut out a wafer cone shape from any shade of brown cardstock. You can also cut a triangle shape if that’s easier.
  4. Paint a criss cross pattern onto your cone. Set aside to dry.
  5. Finally, glue your ice cream scoops onto the top of the cone. You can add sprinkles by cutting small rectangles from colored cardstock.

Watch the video below to see how I made this ice cream craft. Make sure to follow me on Instagram for more fun content!

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