Peeps Stamp Easter Bunny Art Project Kids Will Love

Peep painting art project for kids

Celebrate spring with this adorable Peeps stamp Easter bunny art project. It’s a popular candy that you either hate or love. I thought it would be a great idea to use the leftover candy to create a fun activity for my boys. You can create spring decor with the painting or a card to send to a loved one. This is an easy activity for kids and the results will be unique with each child. Have fun using the Peeps as stamp to create adorable artwork as a family.

PEEPS Stamp Easter Bunny Art for kids using PEEPS marshmallow candy and paint

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  1. Start by adding different color paint to either a paper plate or paint palette.
  2. Next, use a foam brush to apply paint to a Peep marshmallow bunny or dip it into paint. Do what’s easier for your child.
  3. Finally, set aside and allow painting to dry. If you want to add a little sparkle to your project, sprinkle some glitter over the prints.

I’ll be honest. Things got quite messy with this project. Make sure to have wipes or wet washcloth nearby. Also, keep an eye on the little ones so they don’t eat the Peeps with paint. I think the art work turned out great. The shades of blue is a nice change from the typical pastel colors. Older children can create patterns with their stamp art and practice counting. There’s a lot of learning going on with this activity. Enjoy making this Peeps stamp Easter bunny art with your family.

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