Polka Dot Cardboard Eggs for Easter Celebration

polka dot cardboard Easter eggs
Ready for Easter? Can’t believe it’s almost here! If you’re looking for more crafts for the kids, I got you covered. Since these colorful Easter eggs were so popular, I figured the boys can create some easy polka dot cardboard eggs. Grab those boxes out of the recycling bin and let’s get crafty. Set up your supplies at the dinner table or take the fun outdoors. Lay out some old newspaper or a plastic tablecloth for this art project. Things can get messy when painting is involved with the little ones. Hope you make some wonderful memories as a family creating these colorful polka dot cardboard eggs for Easter. Enjoy!
colorful polka dot cardboard Easter eggs


  • Recycled cardboard box
  • Scissors
  • Paint (white and Easter colors)
  • Egg template
  • Paint brush or foam brush
  • Cotton swabs (4-6)
  • Paper plate or plastic paint palette
  • Recycled newspaper or plastic tablecloth


  1. First, set up your craft supplies either inside or outdoors. Lay out a recycled newspaper or plastic tablecloth before you start making the polka dot cardboard eggs.
  2. Next, print the egg template and cut. Trace the template on the recycled cardboard then cut.
  3. Paint your cardboard eggs with two or three coatings of white paint.  Allow it to dry before moving on to the next step.
  4. Add drops of different Easter  color paint onto the paper plate or plastic palette.
  5. Add a cotton swab to each paint color to keep them from mixing.
  6. Finally, use the cotton swab to add polka dots to the cardboard egg. Allow the paint to dry.
cardboard eggs for Easter
Easter craft for kids
cardboard egg painted white and a plastic palette with Easter paint colors
colorful Easter craft for kids
colorful polka dot cardboard Easter eggs
colorful polka dot cardboard Easter eggs
Easy Easter craft for the kids right?! Finding art projects that only need recycled materials is the best! This polka dot cardboard egg for Easter can be used as decoration on indoor egg hunt. Visit my other blog posts for more Easter art projects for the kids.

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