Puffy Paint Pan-African Flag for Juneteenth Kids Will Love

puffy paint Pan-African flag craft for Juneteenth

You know I love making crafts especially for holidays. Juneteenth is coming up and I know people are searching for fun art projects. This puffy paint Pan-African flag is the perfect craft to celebrate Freedom Day! The official Juneteenth flag is red, white and blue to represent all American slaves and their descendants because they are Americans. However, many people in the Black community typically display the Pan-African flag, red black and green. Your family will have a great time with this activity!

puffy paint Pan-African flag craft for Juneteenth

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Supplies for Puffy Paint Pan-African Flag


  1. First, use the ruler and pencil to draw two lines on the white cardstock to create the flag.
  2. Next, mix equal parts of liquid white glue and foam shaving cream together in three bowls. Add red, black and green food coloring in each bowl then mix.
  3. Finally, dip your paintbrush in the DIY puffy paint then color your flag. Start with red then black and green. Smaller children may get a little messy but that’s fine. Keep a wet towel nearby to clean up the little ones. You can add glitter to your flag or leave it as is. Once finished, set aside to dry. This will take a few hours. Then they can show off their puffy Pan-African flag to celebrate Juneteenth!

My kids thought this project was amazing! They love touching the paint because of the cool texture. We will definitely continue making puffy paint crafts throughout the summer. It was also nice to discuss Juneteenth and what it means to celebrate as a family. This activity is perfect for preschoolers, elementary aged students and older kids.

Check out this fun Juneteenth challenge I created with a fellow blogger, The Fun Foodie Mama to encourage the Tampa Bay community to support Black-owned businesses during the month of June. It is a bingo game that allows participants to compete for prizes. Visit our website to learn more or sign up as a sponsor.

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