Simple Paper Plate Kinara to Celebrate Kwanzaa

paper plate kinara

Kwanzaa starts on December 26, which will be here soon. There’s so many ways to enjoy this holiday with your little ones. Kids can create a paper plate kinara to celebrate Kwanzaa. It’s easy to make and only requires a few supplies that you may already have at home. You can help your kids learn about all the traditions and principles of this special holiday.

paper plate kinara for Kwanzaa, Kwanzaa crafts for kids

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Supplies for Paper Plate Kinara


  1. First, have your child cut a paper plate in half. Supervise smaller children.
  2. Next, cut the brown images from the magazine into small square pieces. Smaller children can tear the magazine pages if that’s easier. Glue the pieces onto the half paper plate. You will only need one per kinara.
  3. Make the candles by cutting 3 strips of red and green paper then one longer strip of black paper.
  4. Cut out the flames using gold glitter paper then glue one to the end of each of the 7 candles.
  5. Finally, glue the candles behind the paper plate starting with red, black and then green.

This was a fun and easy craft to make with my kids. It was also featured in Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine for the December issue. Make sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram if you make this craft with your kids.

paper plate kinara craft for Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa craft for kids

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