Simple Sponge Stamped Snowman Craft for Kids

sponge stamped snowman craft for kids

Do you want to build an adorable snowman? No, you don’t need snow for this fun winter activity. Use paint to make this simple sponge stamped snowman with your kids. This project is appropriate for preschoolers and older children. You can let your kids be as creative as they want when it comes to decorating their snowman.

sponge stamped snowman craft for kids

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Supplies for Sponge Stamped Snowman


  1. First, choose any shade of blue cardstock to use as the background for your snowman craft.
  2. Next, add white paint to a paper plate then add your round sponge.
  3. the sponge onto the paper
  4. While the paint is drying, cut out a triangular nose using orange paper. Then cut small circles using black paper for the mouth, eyes and buttons. Cut strips from brown paper for the arms. Use patterned scrapbook paper or regular paper to create the scarf by cutting two small rectangular pieces. If you have a Cricut, you can search for different shaped snowman noses, arms and scarves then cut using the machine.
  5. Finally, glue the eyes, mouth, nose, buttons, arms and scarf on your snowman.

I hope you enjoy making this snowman craft with your kids. Watch the video below to see how I created this sponge stamped snowman. Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more fun content!

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