Simple Way to Make Halloween Art with Cookie Cutters

easy Halloween craft with cookie cutters

As much as I love creating over the top crafts with my boys, keeping it simple is just as fun. I know there are plenty of parents as well as kids who don’t like spending a lot of time working on an art project. However, you can still enjoy creating easy crafts for Halloween. I want to share a simply way to make Halloween art with cookie cutters. This project is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners. Make sure to supervise the smaller children because this activity can get a bit messy.

simple way to make Halloween art with cookie cutters. Stamp painting for kids
Halloween Cookie Cutter Art

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stamp painting for kids using Halloween cookie cutters

Supplies and Set up for Halloween Cookie Cutter Art

This simple Halloween art activity with cookie cutters is a wonderful activity for kids. You will need washable paint and Halloween cookie cutters. Keep some wipes or a wet cloth nearby because this activity gets a little messy. Paint may get on your child’s hand or clothes. Start by pouring the paint on a paper plate or recycled cardboard. Next, dip the cookie cutter in the paint then stamp it on any color cardstock or construction paper. Finally, allow it to dry by hanging it up.

black cardstock with purple prints from Halloween cookie cutter

I took the boys outside for this art project. They wanted to watch their dad grill while they painted. As you can see, my toddler got a little carried away while painting. He was having fun and that’s the only thing that matters for me. When he was finished, I took him straight to the tub for a bath. Thankfully, it wasn’t hard getting all the paint out of his hair. Meanwhile, my 5-year old continued to paint while I cleaned up his brother. He had a great time using the cookie cutters to make prints on the paper. This was such an easy art project to set up for my boys. It’s perfect for parents who are looking for minimal prep for crafts. They have the option to use one or multiple cookie cutters to create their masterpiece.

Black toddler painting with cookie cutters for Halloween

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