Magazine Collage Craft Ice Cream Cone for Kids

magazine collage art summer craft
Today is National Ice Cream Day!! Can you believe there’s a holiday to celebrate this frozen dessert?! Ice cream is a classic summer treat and the perfect way to cool off in Florida’s unbearable heat. I wanted to make some fun crafts with my boys to celebrate our love for ice cream. I found this cool collage by Learn Craft Grow on Instagram and had to create it. We have so many old magazines at home so this was the perfect project. This magazine collage craft is a great activity to help children practice using scissors and recognizing colors. You can also let kids practice counting how many square pieces are in each ice cream scoop that they create. Hope you enjoy making this super cool ice cream cone magazine collage craft for kids. 
Super cool ice cream cone magazine collage craft for kids


  • Old magazine
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Yellow cardstock (you can use any color)
  • Pencil
  • Ruler


  1. Grab a few old magazines for this ice cream cone art project.
  2. Find pages with vibrant colors to use as the ice cream for this magazine collage craft.
  3. Have your child use safety scissors to cut out small squares from the selected colorful pages of a magazine. Make sure to select colors that will make the perfect ice cream cone craft. If your child is not ready to use scissors, have them tear the magazine page into small pieces.
  4. Draw a picture or use shapes around your home to make an ice cream cone on the yellow cardstock or color of your choice.
  5. Start gluing the square magazine pieces to form a colorful ice cream collage. 
Looking for more summer art project ideas for the little ones? Visit my Pinterest board for other cool ice cream crafts and activities for kids. You can also check out my other blog posts that feature summer crafts for kids. 


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