The Best DIY Firefighter Costume That Kids Will Love

DIY firefighter costume for kids

Halloween is almost here! Are you still looking for an adorable costume for the kids? Have no fear! I will be posting easy and affordable homemade costumes every week until Halloween. Also, no sewing machine will be required to make them. First up is the best DIY firefighter costume that kids will love. I made this Halloween costume for my oldest a few years ago that was inspired by Parties for Pennies and Crayon Box Chronicles.

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This Halloween ensemble is super affordable, and most items are already at your home. Create the best DIY firefighter costume with black pants, white shirt and black sneakers. Check your local Dollar Tree for plain white shirts. I’ve been lucky to find a lot of plain shirts for different crafts for a great price. Visit your local craft store, Walmart, Target or thrift store to find the clothes for the costume. You will also need a plastic firefighter hat, safety pins and yellow duct tape. I purchased the yellow duct tape for less than $3 at my local craft store but it can be purchased online or at a local hardware store.

Create the firefighter costume by applying the yellow duct tape around the bottom of each pant leg. It comes off easily without ruining the pants. Next, create the suspenders by cutting two long pieces of duct tape. Fold both tapes in half so it makes a skinny piece. Once your child is dressed, crisscross the yellow duct tape suspenders then pin to the black pants.

The Best DIY Firefighter Costume for kids that is perfect for Halloween or dramatic play

Complete the look by adding the plastic firefighter helmet and printing the firefighter’s badge. Don’t forget to include the cool air tank made from recycled materials. The supplies and directions are listed below to finish making the best DIY firefighter costume.

The Best DIY Firefighter Costume for kids that is perfect for Halloween or dramatic play

Supplies for DIY Firefighter Costume Tank


  1. First, start by spray painting the recycled 2 L bottle yellow. Set aside and allow it to dry.
  2. Next, gather the black webbing and cardboard to create the straps for the air tank. I was able to use straps from an old bag, but you can purchase it online or at a hardware store. Measure the straps and adjust based on your child’s size.
  3. Cut the cardboard in a square shape to create the backpack for the air tank. Then cut slits 1″ from each side on the top of cardboard. Repeat on side. Line the cardboard up with your child’s shoulder blades. Reinforce the top of the slits with electrical tape for extra support.
  4. Slide the black webbing through the slips of the cardboard to create the backpack.
  5. Use a 3/8 bit to drill a hole into the bottom of the 8 fl oz bottle. Next, use a tiny bit to drill a hole in the bottle top for the 2 L bottle. Be careful when drilling the hole. It can be very dangerous especially with the small cap.
  6. Once your tank is dry, add the bottle top. Make sure the bottle is facing down then use the electrical tape to add the words AIR to the tank. Then add a strip of the black tape around the top of the bottle above the word AIR. See the pictures below for an example.
  7. Apply hot glue to the cardboard then attach the yellow bottle facing down.
  8. Insert the 1/2″ vinyl tubing into the bottle top of the 2 L bottle and the bottom of the 8 fl oz bottle.
  9. Finally, add two small latches with the excess webbing to secure the tubing. Use Velcro to make it adjustable.

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