The Best Simple Construction Zone Sensory Bin for Kids

construction zone sensory bin

Are you hosting a construction theme party or have a dump truck fan? This construction zone sensory bin is perfect for kids! It’s easy to put together and a lot of fun!

simple construction zone sensory bin for kids

We celebrated my son’s second birthday yesterday with a transportation/construction theme. I wanted to put together two fun activities for the boys that was perfect for our little celebration. This simple construction zone sensory bin was easy to create with items I already had at home. My kindergartner and toddler had a great time running their hands through the ground rice and using their imagination.

simple construction zone sensory bin

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How to Set up Your Construction Zone Sensory Bin

Making Fake Sand

Supplies: rice, food coloring & blender


  1. Start by either dying your rice brown or using brown rice. Follow this tutorial if you want to dye your rice. Since I didn’t have brown food coloring, I mixed red, blue and yellow. Mix the colors before adding it to the resealable bag.
  2. Once the rice is dried, add it to the blender. I used the chop setting to create the sand texture.

Setting Up Your Sensory Bin


Start by filling your plastic bin or sensory table with the sand made out of rice. I used about 8 cups of rice for this construction zone sensory bin. Next, add the small traffic signs and constructions toys. Finally, scatter the pebbles throughout the sensory bin and let your kids have fun.

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