Top 5 Ways to Celebrate First Day of School

celebrate first day of school

Caleb’s first day of school was Monday! I can’t believe he’s in KINDERGARTEN now! Parents in my county had three choices for returning to school. We selected the online option that allowed him to remain enrolled with his regular school. We didn’t feel comfortable sending him to school during a pandemic but wanted to keep him on the same standard schedule as students on campus. These are crazy times, and everyone is trying to do what’s best for their families. Despite all these changes, I wanted to document his first day of kindergarten because it’s such a huge milestone. Maybe I’ll keep this as a fun tradition for the beginning of each school year. Check out the top 5 ways to celebrate the first day of school whether attending on campus or staying home. It will make your child’s day extra special.

first day of school letter board

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Have a Special Breakfast

Prepare a special back-to-school breakfast for your child to celebrate the start of a new year. You can make alphabet pancakes or pencil waffles. Check out these fun ideas on my Pinterest board for back-to-school. Not a fan of cooking in the morning? Take a trip to a local restaurant and enjoy a delicious meal before school. You can also take advantage of curbside services and bring the food home. I asked my 5-year-old what he wanted for his big day and made it for him. He was very specific with his request, but I wanted to make sure his day started off amazing.

celebrate first day of school with special breakfast for the kids

Take a Picture

This is the most popular back-to-school tradition for families. There are so many fun and creative ways to capture the first day of school. I went a little overboard, but my 5-year-old had a great time. Check out my blog post to get some great ideas for taking pictures of your kids to celebrate the first day of school.

first day of school pictures with a pennant

Give Your Child a Gift

Give your child a small present after their first day of school. This will truly brighten their day after dealing with new changes for school. We gave our son a Spider-man no-mess magic ink coloring book and Spider-man sunglasses. He was so happy!

Interview Your Child

Interview your child on camera after school is over. Ask them about their first day including their favorite subject or least favorite activity. You can ask them about their favorite color, teacher’s name, class schedule or goals for the new year. My 5-year-old mentioned he loved his learning workspace and thanked me for putting it together. I had to fight back tears because that made me so happy. Recording their interview will be something fun to look back on in the future and a great way to celebrate the first day of school.

Plan a Special End of Day Activity

Grab some ice cream or frozen yogurt from a local shop and discuss the first day of school. You can also take your child to their favorite park to burn off some energy or splash around in the pool at home. Give them the perfect ending to a busy first day back to school.

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