Totally Awesome and Easy Halloween Sensory Tray for Kids

Halloween sensory tray for kids

This totally awesome and easy Halloween sensory tray will be a hit with the kids. My boys had so much fun playing with all the items in the tray and using the skeleton hands. It’s a great indoor activity for the little ones especially for Halloween. Yes, I know it’s early but you don’t have to wait until October to enjoy this sensory tray. I made a similar Halloween sensory bin last year but I changed the color of the rice and added more party favors. Hope your kids enjoy playing with this fun Halloween activity. It’s a great way to work on their fine motor skills and use their imagination.

Make sure kids are closely supervised for this sensory activity. There are tiny objects that can be a choking hazard.

Black rice sensory tray for Halloween

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  1. First, pour the black rice in a metal tray and spread it out. The amount of rice you use depends on the size of tray. I used 3 cups of long grain rice for this Halloween sensory tray. Don’t forget to check out this post to learn how to dye rice.
  2. Next, add all the Halloween party favors to the tray. I found most of these items at the Dollar Tree and Target Bullseye’s Playground. However, I added links to find the party favors and other Halloween items online. Add the measuring spoons, scoops and cups if you have some available.
  3. Finally, place the skeleton tongs inside of the Halloween sensory tray. Have fun!
Colorful Halloween sensory tray for kids

Invite your child to play with this awesome Halloween sensory tray. Use the skeleton tongs to pick up the plastic eyeballs and fangs. My 5-year old hid the snakes under the rice and asked me to search for them. He gave me 5 seconds to find the hidden snakes. Your child can also use a measuring spoon or cup to scoop the rice into the mini cauldron. Give them tasks to complete or let them use their imagination while playing with this Halloween sensory tray.

Check out the video of how I put together the Halloween sensory tray for the boys. You can visit my Instagram page to see how they played with the different items and the mess my toddler made with the rice.

Once the boys are finished playing with this sensory activity, I’ll store all the items in a large storage bag. You can also add them to a bin with a lid. Use what you have available at home.

Don’t forget to save this Halloween sensory tray on Pinterest for later! You can also check out more fun ideas here.

seasonal sensory activity for kids with black rice

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