Totally Awesome Smash Painting Art Project for Kids

smash painting artwork for kids
Your kids are going to have fun making this smash painting art project! I had to use rainbow colors because St. Patrick’s Day is almost here. This activity is definitely meant for outdoor fun. Things got a little messy with the kids. You only need a few materials to complete this activity.
smash painting activity for kids of all ages

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  • Rubber Mallets
  • Cotton Rounds
  • Cardstock or white cloth
  • Paint (various colors)


  1. I suggest taking this activity outdoors. This is a messy art project. I still have paint on my patio. If not, spread a large blanket or plastic shower curtain down before starting this project.
  2. Place drops of paint on the cardstock or cloth then cover with a cotton round.
  3. Next, swing the rubber mallet and smash the cotton rounds. This is the best part of the activity. Make sure to assist younger children.
  4. Finally, remove the cotton rounds and allow it to dry. This completes your colorful smash painting!
The boys had a great time using the rubber mallet. My 5- year old did a wonderful job helping his little brother with this art project. They thought it was so cool to see the paint flying in different directions. This was a messy activity but we had a so much fun.
colorful artwork for children of all ages.

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