Wonderful New Year’s Sensory Bin with Countdown Activities

New Year's Sensory Bin with free printable

Ring in the New Year with your little ones with this colorful sensory bin! Finding a fun way to celebrate with toddlers, preschoolers and elementary aged children can be a challenge. I wanted to create something that will get my boys excited while also learning about numbers. This wonderful New Year’s sensory bin includes a FREE printable for two different countdown activities.

New Year's sensory bin

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Setting Up Your New Year’s Sensory Bin

First, you will need to dye at least four cups of rice black. Follow this tutorial for easy directions. Make sure the rice is completely dry so it doesn’t leave any stains on your child’s hands. Next, fill your plastic bin or sensory table with the black rice. Finally, add the party beads, noise makers and jingle bells to complete this New Year’s sensory bin. Make sure to supervise small children because some items can be a choking hazard.

I couldn’t find any mini disco balls in stores so I created my own colorful version. You will need smooth foam balls and colorful glitter. I found the glitter at Target but you can search your local craft stores or order this glitter set online. Start by spraying the foam ball with adhesive spray or apply a thin layer of glue. Add glitter to a shallow tray or bowl then roll your ball in it. Allow it to dry before adding it to the New Year’s sensory bin.

My boys didn’t waste any time diving into this New Year’s sensory bin. They really enjoyed playing with all the items. My toddler placed all the party beads around his neck. He was so excited to use the noise makers. His brother demonstrated how to use it. They scooped, poured and transferred the rice and jingle bells into the plastic bottles. My kindergartner used the resin numbers to complete the countdown activity. Don’t forget to download and print the free worksheets! (see above)

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