Black History Month Crafts that Kids Will Love

Black History Month crafts featured image with sign, scissors, yellow paper and Africa shaped crayons
February is Black History Month! It’s a great time learn and celebrate the contributions of Black people in this country. One of the easiest ways to have a discussion with children includes art projects. I’m going to share some Black History Month crafts that kids will love.

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Traffic Light Craft

This activity was inspired by African American inventor, Garrett Morgan. He invented a three-position traffic signal.



  1. Start by drawing three circles on a piece of black construction paper or cardstock. I had the boys search for small circular objects around the house to trace.
  2. Next, let your kids either cut or tear pieces of red, green and yellow paper.
  3. Finally, glue them on the circles in the correct order to finish your traffic light craft. See picture below.

Paper Clock Craft

The second Black History month craft was inspired by Benjamin Banneker. He created a striking clock completely made out of wood. Benjamin was also credited for making the first clock in America. Most children are not familiar with analog clocks so this was a great learning activity for my oldest son.



  1. Start by downloading, printing and cutting out the clock template.
  2. Next, trace the template on brown construction paper or cardstock then cut.
  3. Use a circular object like a bowl and trace on the white paper. Make sure it can fit inside of the clock template. This was a fun task for the kids to complete.
  4. Cut out the circle and glue on brown paper to make the wooden paper clock.
  5. Peel the number stickers and place them around your clock.
  6. Cut two different size strips to make the hands for the clock. Glue in the center.
  7. Finally, use black marker to color the googly eye. Glue it to the center of the hands of the clock to complete this craft. See pictures below.

The Eclipse Abstract Art

This colorful abstract painting was inspired by Alma Woodsey Thomas. She was the first African American woman to have a solo exhibition at Whitney Museum of American Art.


  • White cardstock
  • Acrylic paint (rainbow colors)
  • Paint brush


  1. The easiest way to create this painting is to use the blue paint to make a solid circle in the middle of the paper. However, my son decided to start the painting with the dashes first.
  2. If you start with the solid circle in the middle, paint dashed lines around it until the paper is full.
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